Mobile Computer Repair - repair service on all the core manufacturers

Symec Repair Centre

What we can do for you?

We know that your mobile workforce relies on their mobile computers/PDAs/mobile printers in order to complete tasks. We also know that these devices will break down every now and then, slowing your whole operations process and ultimately costing you money.

Therefore, we offer a service to repair faulty PDAs/mobile computers/mobile printers no matter what the problem.

Typical product repairs include:

Motorola: MC55, MC65, MC3090, MC9090, ES400

Intermec: CN3, CK3, CN50

Panasonic: CF18, CF19

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How this benefits your business

Our unique repair service is completely customer focused. We tailor a service package around your individual needs and agree benchmarks to pro-actively lower the amount of device issues you are having.

We occasionally find that the problem is not with the device its self, rather on-site WLAN problems, software problems or other non-hardware issues. Our tech guys speak with you first in order to understand the issues you are having, giving them a good indication of the problems before receiving the faulty device.

The repair process itself is unique in that we perform a 24-point check on every single device. The checks ensure that we pick up on any faulty aspects of the device and replace components that don’t pass our high standards. We then put the device through a final quality control check. This unique method of future proofing means your device will return to you good as new.

The Repair Centre

From our state-of-the-art workshop, we repair your faulty mobile computers/PDAs/mobile printers and return them back to you in tiptop condition.

Our repair centre is based in Bristol, UK. We have tech guys that have specialised in mobile data capture for over 13 years, gaining countless certifications and qualifications in the industry. These guys really know their stuff.

We provide a quality repair service on all the core manufacturers, including Motorola, Intermec, Honeywell, Zebra, Datalogic, Psion and Denso.

Take a tour of our Repair Centre (please give the virtual tour a few seconds to load)

Key features

  • 24 point device check
  • Zebra ZASP certified
  • Multi-vendor support and repair.
  • On-site response: four or eight hours.
  • The work can be either contracted or ad-hoc, and across multiple sites with variable quantities, in the field or in a workshop.
  • Contracted or on demand service
  • Built-in flexibility
  • Competitive and flexible pricing regimes
  • Technical Helpdesk
  • Depot and bench repairs, with a return-to-base service across EMEA
  • Fixed-price, repair back up
  • We also endeavour to provide total flexibility with out-of-hours, or shutdown work. All maintenance work features competitive pricing and fixed price alternatives