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Easy Phone and Tablet Repairs

It is easy and affordable to have your phone or tablet repaired by Symec.

We repair equipment for many big names and now we are making this previously reserved service available to everybody. You can make use of our expert staff and the low prices that come with working direct with the repairer.

Simply tell us what phone or tablet that you have, what needs fixing and pay a fixed price.

Then back up all your images and data, wipe your device and send it off to us.

The only things that we can't help with are water damage and logic board failures. If your phone or tablet turns out to suffer from anything that we can't help with, we will return it to you and refund your payment.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the repair?

When you book a phone or tablet repair with Symec we will send you a box and inflatable insert. You can use this to send your device to us, ensuring it is safe from drops and bumps during the journey. You only need to pay for the delivery of the packaged device to us in the provided box. Upon arrival, we will check your device for faults and repair up to two major components. This includes the screen and front and rear of the case. Once repaired we will package your device and send it back to you.

Do I need to do anything to prepare my device before I send it?

Before sending your phone or table to us we request that you backup everything held on the device and remove all personal data. It is also important on Apple devices that the device is disconnected from any iTunes account. Finally, please ensure the device does not have a pass-code (including finger print, eye scan, pattern etc) required to unlock the device. Our technicians will need to be able to use the device to ensure all faults are identified and repaired.,/p>

Do you fix water damage?

Our technicians can identify where a device has suffered water damage. At the time of writing we are unable to work on phones or tablets that have suffered water ingress. Devices that reach us and are identified as having suffered water ingress will be returned without further action.

What if I only need one small issue fixed?

At the time of writing we only offer a simple fixed fee repair. This ensures that we can repair everything that needs doing and we can return your device in the best possible condition.

What if my phone or tablet is not listed on the website?

Send us a message through the live chat box at the bottom right of the screen and we will let you know what the cost will be to fix your specific device.

What happens if my device is beyond economical repair?

If a device has more than two major components requiring replacement, or if the total technician time is in excess of our per device limit, we will contact you to let you know that your device is beyond economical repair. Dependant on the situation we will give you options for how we move forward.

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